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Welcome to the website of DJ Megagirl.

I am Widia or DJ Megagirl. A Hindu, West Frisian, Enkhuizerse female dj. Born and raised in Enkhuizen / Netherlands.

I am also chairman of Stichting Entertainment & Cultuur West-Friesland and organizer of events, including Halloweenfair West-Friesland Festival in Bovenkarspel.

I started in 2003 as Dj Megagirl and organizer of events. My first record players I once in the middle of the night on the head tapped and turned out to be the record players of old Buku discotheque from Enkhuizen and later I got my CDJ players for my birthday.

It was actually one of my dreams to play music for public since childhood.

You can say that EDM, House and Latin House have been my main styles in recent years, but now Technohouse and Progressive are also crazy to turn around.

My music is a bit tough and sturdy with a feminine twist, but also cheerful, uplifing and floor filling. Popular and non – popular, a mix with vocals and without vocals you can find with me. Inspired by many DJs and producers, but mainly I am known for apparently my own recognizable style.

You can say that I am quite passionate about DJ Megagirl. I just flourish from music and performance. The best part of it is to make the audience happy with my music. When that happens I have the time of my life.

I therefore also interact with the audience and am not an ego DJ.

I receive my bookings of (business) events, parties and clubs all over the Netherlands and sometimes outside. Best known performances are Crazyland, Bloemendaal, the Catacombe, Le Baron, Holland Casino Enschede and the Enercup Awards. Of course my list is very long and the previous one is a small selection. Often times are prime time.

I also ran about 13 internet radio stations, but unfortunately I do not have the time anymore.

I have been out for a while, but I am back! You can assume that you will hear more about DJ Megagirl in the future.

Do you want more info or book me?

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